The U.S. Army hereby notifies the public of its intent to lease a portion of the former Fort Monmouth, New Jersey, which includes a “Carve Out” known as Parcel 16 to the Fort Monmouth Economic Revitalization Authority (FMERA). The property proposed to be leased includes a small parcel of land (approximately 0.285 acres) that requires further environmental action prior to transfer. The property is adjacent to an ongoing redevelopment project at Fort Monmouth and FMERA requires access to the property prior to transfer to support the adjacent redevelopment. A draft Finding of Suitability to Lease (FOSL) has been prepared to document the environmental conditions of the property and its suitability for lease.

The draft FOSL is available for a 30-day public review and comment period commencing on May 21, 2021 and ending on June 21, 2021. The document can be viewed by clicking “View Draft FOSL” below. To submit comments, click “Submit Comments” below and select “Site Restoration Records or Public Comment” as the topic of your message.