The table below provides a breakdown of document category numbers and the types of documents included in each category. Each category number is four digits (for example, 01.08). The first two digits of each number indicate a document category, such as Site Management Records (01) or Public Affairs/Community Relations Records (07). The last two digits indicate the type of document, such as correspondence, meeting documents, or work plans. Note that documents may not exist in every category for the Fort Monmouth Site Restoration Records. To search the Fort Monmouth site restoration records for a specific category and type of document, enter the four-digit category number from the table below in the search box on the main Site Records page.

Document Category NumberDocument Type
00 — BRAC Records Management Documentation
00.00BRAC Records Management Documentation
01 — Site Management Records
01.02Archive Search Reports (ASR)
01.03Scopes of Work/Contractual Documents
01.04Site Photographs and Maps
01.05Site Descriptions and Chronologies (e.g. project milestones)
01.06Reference Documents
01.07Federal, State and Local Technical Records
01.08Preliminary Assessment (PA), Site Inspection (SI) Reports, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Facility Assessments, Assessment and Findings for Determination of Eligibility, Environmental Baseline Surveys
01.09ASR/SI Declaration Form, No DoD Action Indicated (NDAI) Determinations
01.10Meeting Documents
01.11Notification of Release, Notification of Violation, Enforcement Action, Administrative Orders
01.12Risk Assessment Cost (RAC) Worksheets (Military Munitions Response Program) and Supporting Documentation
01.13Public Health Evaluations
01.14Documentation of State Involvement
01.15National Priorities List Rulemaking Information Impacting on the Remedial Response
01.16Explosives Safety Submissions
01.17Chemical/Biological Warfare Material Safety Submissions
01.18RCRA Information Impacting on the Remedial Response
01.19Potentially Responsible Party (PRP) Documents
01.20Site Assessment Work Plans
01.21Cost-to-Complete (CTC) Estimates
01.22Project Management Plan/Installation Action Plan and Associated Documents
01.23Closeout Documentation
01.24Post Close Out (PCO) Phase Documentation
01.25Relative Risk Score and Supporting Documentation
01.26Munitions Response Prioritization Worksheets
01.27Area of Actual or Suspected Unexploded Ordnance (UXO)
01.28UXO Activities
02 — Remedial Investigation (RI)/RCRA Facility Investigation (CC Investigation) Records
02.02Sampling and Analysis Data and Plans
02.03Scopes of Work/Contractual Documents
02.04Work Plans/Progress Reports
02.05Interagency/Intra-agency Agreements/Memoranda
02.06Applicable or Relevant and Appropriate Requirement (ARAR) Determinations
02.07Chain-of-Custody Forms
02.08RI Reports, CC lnvestgation
02.09Health and Endangerment Assessments/Ecological Risk Assessments/Baseline Risk Assessments/Health Risk Assessments
02.10Meeting Documents
02.11Engineering Evaluation/Cost Analysis (EE/CA) Approval Memorandum
02.12EE/CA Report, Site-Specific Final Report, and Other Associated Removal Action Reports
02.13EE/CA Action Memorandum
03 — Feasibility Study (FS)/Corrective Measures Study (CMS) Records
03.02Sampling and Analysis Data and Plans
03.03Scopes of Work/Contractual Documents
03.04Work Plans/Progress Reports
03.05Interagency/Intra-agency Agreements/Memoranda
03.06ARAR Determinations
03.07Data Summary Sheets of Technical Models
03.08Bench- or Pilot-Scale Treatability Studies
03.09FS, CMS Reports
03.10Proposed Plan for Remedial Reponse Action
03.11Meeting Documents
04 — Decision Document (DD)/Record of Decision (ROD) Records
04.02Sampling and Analysis Data and Plans
04.03Scopes of Work/Contractual Documents
04.04Work Plans/Progress Reports
04.05Interagency/Intra-agency Agreements/Memoranda
04.06ARAR Determinations
04.07Proposed Plan/Draft Permit Modification/RCRA Permit
04.08Public Notices, Comments Received, and Responses to Comments
04.09Record of Decision (ROD)/Decision Document (DD)
04.10Amendments to ROD
04.11Explanation of Significant Differences (ESD)
04.12Meeting Documents
05 — Remedial Design (RD)/CC Cleanup Records
05.02Sampling and Analysis Data and Plans
05.03Scopes of Work/Contractual Documents
05.04Work Plans/Progress Reports
05.05Interagency/Intra-agency Agreements/Memoranda
05.06ARAR Determinations
05.07Final RD, Corrective Measures Implementation, and Other Related Documents
05.08Removal Action Design Documents
05.09Meeting Documents
06 — Remedial/Removal Action (RA)/Corrective Measures Implementation (CMI), Long Term Management (LTM) Records and Site Closeout
06.02Sampling and Analysis Data and Plans
06.03Scopes of Work/Contractual Documents
06.04Work Plans/Progress Reports
06.05Interagency/Intra-agency Agreements/Memoranda
06.06ARAR Determinations
06.07RA, CMI, and Associated Reports
06.08Chain-of-Custody Forms
06.09Daily Operations Summary/Situation Reports
06.10Anomaly Review Board Documents
06.11Removal Response Reports
06.12On-Scene Coordinator Reports
06.14Removal Action Completion Notification to Regulators
06.15Meeting Documents
06.16Land Use Controls (LUC)
06.17LTM Documents
06.18Site Closeout Documentation
06.19PCO Phase Documentation
07 — Public Affairs/Community Relations Records
07.02Mailing Lists
07.03Scopes of Work/Contractual Documents
07.04Public Involvement Plans (PIP)
07.05Briefing Papers
07.06News Clippings and Press Releases
07.07Public Meeting Minutes/Transcripts/Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) and Technical Review Committee (TRC) Meetings
07.08Fact Sheets/Newsletters
07.09Written Responses to Public Comments/Questions
07.10Public Notices
07.11Technical Assistance for Public Participation (TAPP)
07.12Information from Telephone Logs
08 — Congressional Relations Records
08.05Published Hearings
08.06Meeting Documents
09 — Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Records
09.04Meeting Documents
10 — Real Estate Records
10.02Right-of-Entry Documentation/Land Use Permits
10.03Final Approved Findings and Determinations
10.04Title Search Documents
10.05Land Grants/Deeds
10.06Interagcncy/lntra-agency Agreements/Memoranda
10.07Meeting Documents
11 — Natural Resource Damage Assessments
11.02Natural Resource Trustee Assignments
11.03Natural Resource Trustee Findings of Fact
11.04Meeting Documents
12 — Policy and Guidance
12.01Memoranda on Site-Specific Policy and Legal Decisions
12.02Guidance Documents
12.03Technical Literature